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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have added to my life already this year!

After the long-awaited vaca was over a few weeks ago, I set my mind to the next item on my agenda. Dog acquisition. I visited the county pound and picked a beautiful girl out to join my little family. Australian cattle dog, sweet as can be, and full of ENERGY!! Wow can she go! I am considering buying a used bike to run her in the morning. I can run, but not that fast.

I have also added a new pair of hiking boots, as of this very afternoon. I know that it seems trivial, but I do spend alot of time in hiking boots and I have been fairly dissatisfied with last year's pair. The last pair were KEEN's and comfy, but almost from the beginning were falling apart. Somehow they made it a full year and I finally decided to replace them with a more sturdy pair. Thus, Timberland Eurohikers have come into my life. They feel a little rigid but sturdy. I'll let you know how they work with a more detailed review later.

Now, if I could just add "job in Colorado" to this post, that would be awesome!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Creepies

I went to the Grand Canyon North Rim last weekend. It was so beautiful and relaxing, just me camping.

I did have a creepy experience that I hope was just one of those things that means nothing. I went to take a shower. The campgroud showers there are a little wierd and (if you have ever taken a shower in a campground you can probably relate) lacking privacy. They pretend to provide a bit of privacy by putting stall doors up, but everyone knows you can see through the gaps on the sides as if there were no door. So, I went into the first available shower, which happened to be the FIRST shower that is right next to the LAST toilet stall. There was a huge gap between the shower and the wall to the toilet stall and I accidentally saw someone in a rather (ehem) vulnerable state. I quickly averted my eyes and devised a plan to minimize my exposure as I undressed for my shower. I would step into the shower, disrobe, and thus not be seen . . . or so I thought. Upon stepping into the shower, I realized that it was quite strange and, alas, completely exposed. The shower floor was about a foot higher than the dressing area and surrounding bathroom floor. It was like stepping on stage. I could look out over the waiting area in front of the showers! I was on display. Well, what can you do. Nothing. I began to unpack my soap and shampoo and was placing said items on the soap dish in the shower for easy access and, again, less exposure because I wouldn't have to open the curtain and retrieve them naked and ON STAGE. As I placed my sample size shampoo on the soap dish I felt eyes on me. I glanced out, well over the stall door to the dressing area and saw a woman. It didn't seem strange to me at first that someone would glance through the gap to see if the stall was occupied and then see that it was and immediately look away, but then I looked at her again. She was stilll looking in. We made eye contact. She continued to look. I made a point of staring right back. I wasn't going to let this woman intimidate me in my own shower stall! It was mine!

I am trying to give her the benefit of all my doubts. She probably thought I was finished in the shower because I was standing there with all my clothes on. But my hair wasn't wet, and yes she looked long enough that she could have come to that conclusion. Anyway, she backed down and moved on to creep out the person in the next stall as I mumbled under my breath about not needing an audience. Go figure some people. You gotta laugh at the crazies out there (me included).

My trip was really fun and relaxing. I just found that blip to be somewhat amusing.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

WTF, Haters?!

Hate. I've never had much use for it. It is not in my nature. That's not to say I haven't strongly disliked people, but, hate, I have not. That being said, I don't understand hate crimes.

Today, I had a disappointing day at work and was feeling sorry for myself as I pulled out of the parking lot. As I wallowed in my pity party, a huge white truck, directly in front of me at the red light, began to pull into the center lane around a little red truck. Surprise cleared the fog from my self-absorbed mind when the white truck pulled around and next to the red truck, so close that they were almost touching, and the white truck occupant threw his cigarette through the red truck's open window. The white truck pulled up behind the other cars in his new lane while I hesitated to pull up behind the red truck. I thought for sure I was going to witness a murder to follow up on the cig. throwing incident. I had a few seconds to think about what I had just seen as we all waited at the light.

What had this man in the red truck done? Nothing that I had seen. The only explanation that I was able to come up with was that he was Hispanic. This was quite obvious due to the spanish language bumper stickers on his tailgate. There wasn't anything offensive about the stickers that I could tell. Just radio stations and the like.

Some part of me wanted the man in the red truck to attack! How dare anyone disrespect a fellow human being that way!! But he just reached over, picked up the cigarette and brought it to his mouth for a smoke. WOW! He just drove down the road smoking that cigarette and waved at white-truck-man as he passed him. WOW!! I would have tried like hell to rip white-truck-man's soul out and cook it up with my veggies for dinner.

White-truck-man, you suck.
Red-truck-man, I salute you.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm baaaack!

The vaca planning is done! I'll be cruising with friends to the Bahamas in Jan! Can't wait!

In other news:

I am downsizing my financial obligations. I have canceled Netflix and cable. That's right, in the area of entertainment I have 3 reliable tv channels (not including the spanish channel, which seems to have reception no matter what), and the internet. Oh well, tv is in kind of a drought for me anyway. LOST isn't on 'til Jan, and I'm losing interest in The Biggest Loser (the only two show I watch regularly). Luckily for me . . . the public library is free! I am reading again! I enjoyed reading during my youth. I stopped reading recreationally in high school because I was required to read for school. Blah.
Books read so far:
The Shipping News - I had an unusual reaction to this one. I think the movie is better :( I know,
I know . . . that's not right. Well, I wasn't very impressed with Annie
Proulx's descriptions. She won the Pulitzer for it for this novel and I really
liked the fragmented writing style because that is how humans think. It
just left something to be desired. I'm giving her another chance. I am
about to start reading Close Range Wyoming Stories. I'll letcha know what
I think.
Cry, The Beloved Country - I LOVED IT!!! I highly recommend everyone read this novel. It is
a look at South Africa in the time preceeding Aparthied. The first chapter
(a mere four paragraphs) was a moving description of the land. I almost
cried. Read it.

A bit of sad news: My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last month and has already had surgery. I got to spend last week at home with her. The good side is that she is doing suprisingly well. I thought she would be hold up in bed, begging for drugs, but she isn't. It doesn't appear to be genetic since no one else in our family has had breast cancer, but still . . . something to watch out for.

On a lighter note: I am going to be volunteering at the Phoenix filming of Antique's Roadshow! I am super excited but now I need something to take along to be appraised. I'll let y'all know if I will be on tv. I hope I get to keep the t-shirt!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Year

In 10 months I'll be 30. I have decided that I will begin planning a vacation for my 30th B-day. Any suggestions?

I have also decided to do something every month of my 29th year that will be a growing experience or something meaningful to me and others.

Jan. - I decided to get serious about losing weight. I know everyone does this, but I am committed.

Feb. - I began volunteering. This is going to benefit me and other people, so its good all around.

March - I'm going to the Grand Canyon and will hike 1/2 way down. I know this doesn't seem too great but it will be a significant accomplishment for me.

As an aside, March is also a big time of acomplishment for my parents. They will be visiting me for the first time. Ever. Yea!!

More great things to come this year!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Ok, I know it isn't really Spring yet, but it sure feels like it here. The weather has been so beautiful.

I went for a hike this morning and talked with friends. The sun was shining and a cool breeze was blowing. Everything was the muted green of the desert and there were actually a few early wildflowers. I was totally inspired. I went directly to Home Depot on the way home and bought lots of flowers and too little potting soil. My porch is full of flowery happiness.

I hope things are just as beautiful wherever you are, no matter what the weather is like. :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

The Meaning of Life . . .

well, my life anyway. I have been wondering why I am so unmotivated these days. I used to have hobbies and interests. Now I'm just existing. I had an epiphany 2 days ago. I'm feeling lazy and useless because I am not passionate about anything.

Tomorrow begins a new phase in my life. I am now actively looking for my purpose. I am going to an orientation meeting for some volunteer work in the morning, then I may go hiking. I will make an effort to engage life again.